Automatic Debonding equipments

SPM produces wafer debonding equipment tailored according customer needs.

Wafer size could be from 3” up to 8”. An automatic robot handles the wafer from loading to deboning station.

The debonding process is executed by heating the wafer + support (typically another wafer or sapphire disc).

The debonding station is designed to have two hot plate with vacuum chuckThere is an electrical UP/DW axis that moves the top hot plate according to wafer+”glue”+support thickness. An horizontal axis moves the bottom hot plate away from the top plate.

Wafer Debording Process steps

  1. Wafer+”glue”+support loading on bottom plate;
  2. Vacuum activation on bottom plate -> wafer securely held;
  3. Top plate moves down to support according to recipe thickness (torque control is also available);
  4. Vacuum activation on top plate -> support securely held;
  5. Heating of top and bottom plate with infrared heaters;
  6. Once the temperature reaches the setpoint, an electric axis move the wafer only, sliding horizontally;
  7. Robot catches the wafer gripping it on side and put on cooling station;
  8. Release of support on special container;
  9. Robot catch the support and place it on cooling station;
  10. Once temperature of support and wafer is correct -> unload from Robot;
  11. Chemical process of wafer and support to removes “glue” residual [this process can be in a separate equipment or integrated].
Automatic single wafer debonding equipment

Debonding equipment are ruled by PLC and touch screen to manage entire system. Software is developed by SPM engineers with modern graphic and with extensive features like:

  • Recipe management
  • Datalogging: real time and historical
  • P&I direct control: act directly on valves and pumps for maintenance
  • Host SECS-GEM interface (optional)

All tools are realized following safety CE rules. We can build our equipment with ATEX certification in case it’s needed.



Full Automatic Single wafer debonding equipments

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Semi Automatic Single wafer debonding equipments