Chemical Mixing-Distribution Equipment

SPM realizes since many years premixing units. The purpose of these systems is to create the chemicals mixture starting from separate chemicals solutions. Once the chemical mixture is ready, the systems will act as a CDS and so, can distribute the solution to point of uses.

Premixing systems reduces chemical contamination, consumption and degradation and increase safety for operators and equipment lifetime.

Premixing systems can be realized in different versions according to customer needs and chemical type. For solvents we normally adopt stainless steel materials according with safety rules in term of anti-fire protection. With Acids-Bases we use specific corrosion resistant plastics materials (also FM4882 Approved). In both cases we use just high performance materials that guaranteed no chemical contamination or degradation, safety and long equipment lifetime.

Premixing systems can be filled automatically with the fresh solution from CDS or with integrated canisters/bottles refilling unit.

Only high quality components are used inside our tools. As standard we use Metal Free valves for high purity products. We use different instruments for solution mixing according to chemical composition and precision needed: flowmeters, balances, syringes and/or refractometers for chemical analysis.

Basic system is composed with a mixing tank and a pump that distribute directly from it without any reserve of chemical. For increase reserve and to avoid non-stop during solution preparation we install a day tank.

PLC Control

PLC controls entire function of the Premixing system. From the touch screen, users can check the status of the system, change settings and do maintenance operations. All Premixing systems are realized following safety CE rules.

We can build our equipment with ATEX certification in case it’s needed.

SPM can provide distribution implant supervision software fully customizable with your needs, with multiple access stations that directly interface with multiple equipment PLCs.

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Chemicals mixing


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