“Ludovica Model”

“Ludovica Model” is a revolutionary and interesting equipment that will bring prestige to any cleanroom, either R&D or production.

Ludovica Model is a spray processing equipment. It can be configured in different version tanks to its modular development. This equipment is composed by a PTFE chamber that can process up to double 8” inch wafer carriers.

A servomotor rules the rotation of the internal rotor and that permits a perfect uniformity of wafer attach. Surrounding the process chamber, are located PFA nozzles that spread out chemicals for the process phase; H2ODI for the cleaning phase and HOT N2 for the drying phase.

The whole model includes various parts for different methods of wet treatment of silicon wafers or other products.

All processes will be executed inside the cylindrical, horizontal chamber that has specific holes for the inlet of the necessary fluids: H2ODI at first, then the chemical, then again H2ODI. At process end: drying phase with hot N2 + centrifugal carrier(s) rotation up to 3000 rpm.

Ludovica Model. Spray Processing equipment.

“Ludovica Model”

The most innovative and revolutionary characteristics are:

  • execution of clean up, etch, etc. processes into a unique process chamber, including the final drying
  • module with buffer tanks containing dedicated solutions (at Room Temperature, or at medium temperature, or at high temperature). The chemical typology can be expanded according to customer’s request
  • automatic solution mixing by in-line dosing systems, connected to a CDS
  • process chamber completely realised in machined block forged PTFE, in cylindrical version. High thickness walls: 20 – 40 mm. Inside the process chamber there are no. 8 manifolds with holes for the uniform distribution of the fluid
  • processes can be in spray version, or in immersion version, or in hybrid version (first phase SPRAY, second phase with overflow and recirculation of the solutions)
  • possibility to use throwaway fresh solutions, or to recover them (according to process phases and/or customer’s requirements)
  • operational conditions are always in close environment, having just the vent connected to the exhaust system
  • each process cycle can contain up to 2 8in carriers of 25 wafer each

Ludovica model wet processes warrant great results because of their technology and repeatability of each process step; moreover, neither operator, nor environment can influence the final process result. In fact, all processes will be executed into the same horizontal chamber.

The engineering will define:

  • process cycles (duration, flow, pressure, chemical mixture, solution temperature,…);
  • process typology (spray or immersion, with possibility of overflow fluid recirculation). Solution can be fresh or recirculated.

Another advantage of Ludovica Model is the almost complete abolition of exhausted fumes that are produced during processes that utilizes open tanks, or by localised exhaust.

A Tailored Approach

Every system we realize is tailored according to customer’s requirements. We are expert in identify at first meeting, client’s necessities, so we can propose the correct solution for each problem.

For solvents we normally adopt stainless steel materials according with safety rules in term of anti-fire protection. With Acids-Bases we use specific corrosion resistant plastics materials (also FM4882 Approved). In both cases we use just high-performance materials that guaranteed no chemical contamination or degradation, safety and long equipment lifetime.

Ludovica Model can be configured to operates single or double carrier. Wafer size could be from 3” to 8”.

Ludovica Model is ruled by PLC and touch screen to manage entire system. Software is developed by SPM engineers with modern graphic and with extensive features like:

  • Recipe management;
  • Datalogging: real time and historical;
  • P&I direct control: act directly on valves and pumps for maintenance;
  • Host SECS-GEM interface (optional)

All tools are realized following safety CE rules. We can build our equipment with ATEX certification in case it’s needed.



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