Solution for equipment parts cleaning

SPM manufactures special equipment for cleaning metals parts that are dismantled from process equipment like Oerlikon TCO1200 machine. (Transparent Conductive Oxide High Performance Layes for Large Area Thin-Film Solar Modules).

These equipment, can clean parts up to 1600x1600mm with a weight up to 300Kg. For cleaning small parts in the same equipment, we designed dedicated parts basket that fit inside a special frame.

We have been producing semiconductor equipment for years and got a great experience. This allowed us to perfectionate our technology and tools.

The cleaning process is achieved using chemical attack on metal parts.

The machine is totally automatic; after loading the parts to be cleaned, a robot will execute the transfer inside process tank. Here the cleaning process starts. Several chemical can be inlet inside the tank and then oxide deposition on metal will be removed. Rinse process with ultrasound warrant the total removal of acids residuals. Final phase is the drying. Inside the machine is performed a pre-drying operation using hot air generated by an high-performance fan. Final drying phase is achieved by separate ovens.

Chemical solution

Chemical solution is stocked inside dedicated buffer tank(s). Used solution can be filtered and re-use for next processes. CDS will accomplish the chemical refilling.

We can provide turnkey solution to perform the cleaning, providing CDS, cleaning equipment, ovens for drying, waste chemical collection systems, exhaust scrubber and sand blasters for metal parts that cannot be cleaned using chemicals.

Every system we realize is tailored according to customer’s requirements. We are expert in identify at first meeting, client’s necessities, so we can propose the correct solution for each problem.

full automatic equipment for metal parts cleaning (Dismantled from Oerlikon TCO1200)


All SPM equipment are ruled by PLC and touch screen to manage entire system. Software is developed by SPM engineers with modern graphic and with extensive features like:

  • Recipe management
  • Datalogging: real time and historical
  • P&I direct control: act directly on valves and pumps for maintenance
  • Host SECS-GEM interface (optional)

All tools are realized following safety CE rules. We can build our equipment with ATEX certification in case it’s needed.



Metal parts dismantled from process equipment cleaning


Metal parts dismantled from process equipment cleaning

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