Our Service

Besides equipment, SPM offers a series of service to support your business, proving personalized solutions in order to meet every kind of necessities. Our services include:

  • Refurbishment of equipment, both produced by SPM and by other company;
  • Equipment upgrade, both for SPM products or for equipment produced by other companies;
  • Equipment Hookup;
  • Installation of chemical and water distribution lines including double and/or triple piping;
  • Installation of fire suppression systems;
  • Clean room consulting.

In addition we can improve the quality of your work by providing specific software designed according to your requirements. In particular, we develop:

  • SECS-GEM interfaces
  • HMI software
  • PLC programming

Software is developed internally by SPM engineer and so it is fully customizable according to customer needs

Graphical interface software is highly developed by SPM engineers because it represents the main contact element between operator and machine. We give great importance in searching adequate solutions for communicating easily and effectively what the machine is doing: users can have the global control of the process.
The user-friendly interface drastically reduces necessary training time to master the machine and facilitates maintenance operations, recipe loading and process management.
For each machine realised by SPM we elaborate dedicated software’s PLC and HMI that are severely tested to check either machine hardware functionality in maximum stress conditions, and to warrant bug absence into the software.
SPM software engineers warrant very quick response time in case of malfunctioning and the opportunity to require customized software, to satisfy special necessities concerning processes or company standards.

SPM software can be upgraded, even some years later, adding new functions, but still warranting the perfect functioning of each machine component.

The software structure provides different access levels by password, to limit access to recipes modification, parameters and maintenance operations.
Various screens help users in parameters modification, recipe management, process and maintenance.

Customers have the possibility to require the Multilanguage version, to simplify interaction.