Automatic Single Wafer metal lift off equipment

SPM produces full automatic metal lift-off equipment tailored according customer needs.

Wafer size could be from 3” up to 8”. An automatic robot handle wafers one by one loading into process chamber(s) catching them from carrier.

The complete process is executed into a single chamber:

  • Metal Lift-off;
  • Rinse;
  • Dry with high speed spinner.

Metal lift off tank

Full automatic metal lift off equipment for 4in wafers size

The metal lift off tank we projected is entirely realised in PTFE and includes:

  • Rotational plateau with brushless servomotor (adjustable speediness till 5000 rpm max), with vacuum for wafer hold;
  • Automatic cover with electric actuator; integrating automatic door opening and Megasonic transducer passage;
  • “Megpie” Megasonic transducer at 1 MHz frequency;
  • Two axis programmable, electric manipulator for Megasonic transducer movement from home position; H2ODI recirculation inside the tank with continuous overflow;
  • H2ODI/other solution nozzles automatic movement; programmable position, speed and frequency electric axis;
  • Lift Off solution inlet at controlled temperature; solution comes from the buffer tank, by pump;
  • High pressure pump for metal residual removal.

Lift Off equipment are ruled by PLC and touch screen to manage entire system. Software is developed by SPM engineers with modern graphic and with extensive features like:

  • Recipe management
  • Datalogging: real time and historical
  • P&I direct control: act directly on valves and pumps for maintenance
  • Host SECS-GEM interface (optional)

All tools are realized following safety CE rules. We can build our equipment with ATEX certification in case it’s needed.



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