Photo-mask cleaning Equipment

“Colorado Model”

Colorado Model has been developed for photo-masks cleaning. The tool is capable to handle masks of 6” and 9”.

Masks are loaded into the system thanks to a custom carrier with 10 slots, realized by SPM using antistatic material to comply with ESD needs.

Laminar flow with HEPA filter ensure high level of cleaning inside the process area.

An automatic robot handles masks one by one loading into process chamber(s) catching them from carrier.

Colorado Model. Photo-mask cleaning equipment

Colorado Model

The complete process is executed into 4 tanks:

  • Tank 1: Process tank with HOT chemical solution
  • Tank 2: Rinse with H2ODI RT and HOT H2ODI
  • Tank3: Process tank with RT chemical solution, Rinse with H2ODI RT and HOT H2ODI
  • Dry with HOT N2

Process tanks are entirely realized in PVDF and includes:

  • Spray electrical Axis: moves spray bar towards the mask during the process with programmable speed and pause.
  • Automatic shutter with pneumatic actuator to ensure the robot mask loading/unloading
  • Chemical solution mixing and heating; solution comes from buffer tanks, by pump.
  • Localized exhaust: automatic exhaust control
  • Optional: resistivity drain monitoring

Process tanks typology vary according to process needs.

Several Buffer tanks can be installed into the system and can be equipped with:

  • Magnetic levitation pump for recirculation and solution delivery to process tank with automatic flow control
  • PNE pump for recirculation and solution delivery to process tank (lower price solution comparing with magnetic levitation pump)
  • Flowmeter
  • Filtration
  • Chemical mixing with high precision flowmeters or balance
  • Heater /chiller with temperature sensor
  • Analogue level sensor for controlling the exact volume of the solution

Buffer tank material vary depending on chemicals and temperature:

  • PVDF (up to 90 °C solutions)
  • Stainless steel 316L (for solvents)
  • PE (room temperature)
  • Quartz (high temperature solutions)
  • PTFE
  • Halar
  • PFA

Process sequence can be defined according to customer needs. Process tanks could be “standalone” with all steps inside a unique tank or separated, with several process tanks that execute only single recipe steps.

Single photo-mask cleaning equipment are ruled by PLC and touch screen to manage entire system. Software is developed by SPM engineers with modern graphic and with extensive features like:

  • Recipe management
  • Datalogging: real time and historical
  • P&I direct control: act directly on valves and pumps for maintenance
  • Host SECS-GEM interface (optional)

All tools are realized following safety CE rules. We can build our equipment with ATEX certification in case it’s needed.



Photo-mask cleaning equipments