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S.P.M. Semiconductor

SPM constantly invests in Research&Development focusing on the realization of innovative prototypes in order to find alternative way of processing, cleaning, handling and of chemical managing. The creation of prototypes is very important for us since it immediately highlight strengths and limits of a project and allows us to find rapid solutions in case of issues. In addition, our customers have the possibility to evaluate how equipment works before of buying it and to personalize their order according to all their requirements.

Here is an exemplificative list of SPM innovative systems

Semiconductor Back-end

Icarus model

Electrolytic or electroless copper deposition on leadframes after bonding with copper thread

Semiconductor Front-end

Caribbean Model

SPM patented “Floating process” for single wafer up to ø450mm

Semiconductor Front-end

Single Wafer gold plating

SPM patented “Floating process” High thickness deposition, till 50µm on Niobio wafers

Semiconductor Back-end


Innovative Waterjet leadframes deflashing conveyor

Semiconductor Back-end

Nautilus Model

Double face selective electrolytic deposition on leadframes

Semiconductor Front-end

Vienna Model

Innovative space saver equipment for vertical QUARTZ tubes cleaning;

Semiconductor Front-end / Solar

Eucalyptus Model

Hot N2 wafer dryer

Semiconductor Front-end

Elbrus Model

Automatic tool for selective spray etching

Semiconductor Front-end

Bern Model

Automatic low thickness wafers (100 µm) transfer system from baskets to quartz carriers

Semiconductor Front-end

Aconcagua Model

Automatic wafer masking system for electroless Palladium deposition

Semiconductor Front-end / Solar

Rotobarrel system

Rotobarrel system for wet benches

Semiconductor - Front End

San Diego Model

SPM patented “Floating process” for single substrate double/single face electrolytic processes


Chemical bottle

Chemical bottle transfer tool with pneumatic syringe


Epicurean Model

innovative refrigerator vacuum boxes

Semiconductor FE / Laboratories

Plasma cleaner

Plasma cleaner tools

Semiconductor Front-end / Solar

Kilimanjaro Model

Carrier UP/DW agitation inside process/rinse tank without mechanical parts, but using just the fluid


Solar cells roller

Solar cell texturing roller automation

Semiconductor FE / Laboratories

Table top spin dryer

Table top spin dryer for 4” wafer


3D linear jet plating

Innovative electrolytic process using a 3 axis robot to follow CAD drawing path

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