Semiautomatic wet benches

Semi-automatic wet benches reduce operator’s interaction, even if his presence is necessary.
Usually, a robotized arm effectuates transfers from process to rinse tank, keeping the system still affordable comparing to full automatic wet benches.

Semi-automatic wet benches are partly automatized, consequently processes are repeatable and controllable.

Wet benches composition

Robot allows precise carrier transfer from one tank to another warranting:

  • Safety;
  • Low contamination;
  • Inferior number of operators needed;
  • Human error reduction to minimum;
  • Repeatability of processes.
Semiautomatic wet bench for acid processes with two automatic transfers, 2 process and 2 rinse tanks.



Wafer/Mask processing and cleaning, equipment parts cleaning


Iso Texturing, cells recycling

Research Centers / Labs

Automatized arms to transfer product from process tank to rinse automatically