Manual wet benches

Manual wet benches are usually employed in laboratories of simple processes, where repeatability is not so strict and where an automatic unit won’t be exploitable in all its capabilities.

The manual version, according to working plan configuration, can be equipped with specific components, as per customer’s specifications.

Wet benches

Manual wet benches tanks can be equipped with several options like:

  • Exhaust fan;
  • Hot plate;
  • H2ODI Spray guns;
  • N2 Spray guns;
  • Chemical bottles storage;
  • Exhausted solution recovery;
  • Sink tanks;
  • Process and rinse tanks.
Two Manual wet benches for acid processes.



Wafer/Mask processing and cleaning, equipment parts cleaning


Iso Texturing, cells recycling

Research Centers / Labs

Hood for laboratory, equipment parts cleaning, chemical processes