Automatic wet benches

Automatic wet benches offer great advantages, because they accomplish all processes in automatic mode (from carrier loading to carrier unloading); this means that operator’s presence is not needed.

These automatic wet benches are useful in case of elevated productivity, or when you require a very strict control of process, because the absence of human contact drastically reduces contamination and increase repeatability.

Wet benches composition

Minimal typical composition is:

  • Load station;
  • Process tank;
  • Rinse tank;
  • Dryer;
  • Unload station.

Customers can personalize the line adding several process and rinse tanks.

Full automatic wet bench for acid processes.(Load station, 1 process tank, 1 hot H2ODI rinse tank, HOT N2 dryer, unloading station)

SPM realizes automatic wet benches in different versions, as for instance with robot located in the back section, or in the front wet section. Wet benches design can be linear or carousel to save tool length.

Robot allows precise carrier transfer from one tank to another warranting:

  • Multitasking (several carriers loaded at the same time in different tanks)
  • Safety for operators
  • Reduced wafers mechanical stress
  • Low contamination
  • Human error reduction to minimum
  • Repeatability of processes

Robots we use have exposed parts duly shielded in specific material (according to employed chemical), to warrant maximum compatibility, minimum solution contamination and equipment long life.



Wafers/Masks processing and cleaning, equipment parts cleaning


Iso Texturing, cells recycling

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