SPM - Special Plastic Module for semiconductor industry,

Our Story

SPM was founded in 1988 by Ambrogio Sala, who is still the President of the company. After being working for two decades in a big semiconductor-producing firm, Mr. Sala decided to take advantage of his great experience in this field by creating his own company. Nowadays, after more than thirty years, SPM has achieved several important goals, becoming a leader company in the manufacturing of equipments for the production and transformation of semiconductor materials, not only in Italy but also abroad.

At the outset, SPM was principally involved in the creation of chemical distribution systems. Thanks to our pioneering and explorative attitude, we became one of the first companies in the world able to realize such automatic distribution devices. For several years our business core has been thus focused in the automatic distribution and filtration of chemicals, including acids, bases and solvents. Besides, we have developed chemical mixing systems, fundamental tools for the preparation of micro-chips.

As many other family-run business, we started our production from simple projects. Nevertheless, during the years, we have gained a strong proficiency in our field furnishing to our customers a broad range of products. Starting from our foundation up to today, in fact, our main focus has remained innovation at the service of our customers’ requests.

Besides, we have developed chemical mixing systems, fundamental tools for the preparation of micro-chips

In the last 15 years, an important step forward in our business has been surely represented by the design of semi and full automated equipments, characterized by an increased reliability and safety.

In particular, we have focused our attention in the realization of a series of semi- and full-automatic wet benches. Furthermore, we have extended our manufacturing to quartzware cleaning equipments, measuring systems, plating wet benches, spray etching tools, deflashing machines, debonding units, metal lift-off equipments, and recently to high complexity single wafer processing tools.

Besides Italy and Europe, where the most of our customers are located, our products have been distributed worldwide. We’ve in fact collaborated with companies in China, Vietnam, Philippines, USA, Algeria and Russia.

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